About CES

Collegeville Elementary School

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    The mission of Collegeville Elementary School is to create a safe, positive learning environment by showing mutual respect to staff, students, families, and the community. We believe all children can learn and we will incorporate best practices through the use of technology and problem-solving. We will foster unique and divergent thinkers to meet the needs of all learners to guide them to be productive citizens in the 21st century.

CES Faculty


Katie Thomas, Principal

Trey Stevens, Assistant Principal

Kindergarten1st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade

Jodie Chism

Adriane Johnston

Margie Osborn

Heather Payne

Jennifer Watson

Lenne Gipson

Jessica Henson

Tessa Koon

Donna Lawson

Terri England

Whitney Jones

Ashley Poe

Marcia Stroud

Mary Crawford

DeDe Gillespie

Megan Smith

Karl Whitcombe

4th Grade5th GradeSpecialty

Shannon Devine

Lynn Grist

Nanci Kelley

Emily Williams

Charissa Eakin

Terri Hamby

Lesli Lucy

Kass Seidenschnur

Becky Bahnks, Counselor

Holly Bodden, Media Specialist

Marcia Brown, Music

Rebecca Crotts, SPED

Angel Dale, PE

LaNita Davis, ESL

Brittany Garrigus, SPED

Janis Masters, Speech

Stephanie Shaw, Specialist

Shelia Thompson, Art